PADI Master Scuba Diver

PADI Master Scuba Diver Card and Patch

I received my PADI “Master Scuba Diver” certificate today. I was actually positively surprised to receive not just the usual plastic card, but a full booklet with a letter, certificate, a patch and the card.

Requirements for PADI Master Scuba Diver

In order to get certified as a “Master Scuba Diver” you have to complete a couple of things:

  • PADI Open Water Diver
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Five PADI Specialty Diver certifications
  • Logged a minimum of 50 dives

So quite a long list and give the cost for these training corses its more than fair PADI sends you not only the plastic card, but also the booklet and patch etc. Not sure where to put that patch – probably not a good idea to stitch it on my drysuit…? 😉

Bare X-Mission Drysuit
My Bare X-Mission drysuit

PADI Master Scuba Diver – highest non-professional rating in the PADI system?

According to PADI the “Master Scuba Diver” rating is the highest non-professional rating in the PADI system. I am not so sure as you can do quite a few TEC classes now in the PADI universe that are also non-professional, but from a diving skill perspective clearly another level up. I know as I just do the SSI Tec Fundamental Training – that is similar to PADI’s “Discover Tec Diving”.

Scuba Diving Blindsee, Austria, 2018-07-22

My Path to Divemaster

My objective is to become PADI Divemaster. This is the first professional rating in the PADI world. The Master Scuba Diver rating for me just “happened” as I needed all the classes anyway for my Divemaster.

Withe current course and speed I expect to be certified as a PADI Divemaster at some point in the first half 2018 – of course all depending on how much time I can invest into the training.

Andreas Timm - half underwater shot
Andreas Timm wearing a drysuit. Scuba Diving Gozo. Malta, June 2017

Beyond Divemaster

While becoming a PADI Divemaster is a firm objective for me I am not yet sure if I will take the next step – and that would be to become an Instructor. As I have no intention to make a living form scuba diving the only factors defining this will be whether I enjoy scuba diving and teaching / co-teaching as a Divemaster and whether I have the time to spend doing all the training and certification. So lets see….!


Scuba Diving at Echinger Weiher

Next chapter in my Divemaster “career”: Scuba Diving at the Echinger Weiher, supporting an OWD course.

Nice day at the Echinger Weiher in Germany. Supporting a PADI OWD class as part of my Divemaster training.

OWD – Open Water Diver

This is the basic scuba diving training. We had two students today that did their first dive in open water (i.e. not in the pool) today.

Echinger Weiher

Echinger Weiher is perfect for beginners as it is not much deeper than 6 meters. But still the under water environment is quite interesting as I also described in a previous post.

Echinger Weiher, Supporting OWD course- Dive Profile
Scuba Diving at the Echinger Weiher, Supporting OWD course- Dive Profile

Students made great progress

It was amazing to see how both of the students made a lot of progress just from dive one to dive two! They already acted almost like a buddy team in dive two and seemed to enjoy some of the underwater environment.

I will be back!

I will be back at Echinger Weiher in the next couple of weeks as my Divemaster training progresses – looking forward to it!

Nice day at the Echinger Weiher in Germany. Supporting a PADI OWD class as part of my Divemaster training.

Lake Starnberg – PADI Rescue Diver

Lake Starnberg - Stress and Rescue 03

Today I had a lot of fun at Lake Starnberg! As part of my PADI Divemaster training I am supporting various training classes. Today it was the open water part of the Rescue Diver class.

Lake Starnberg - Stress and Rescue 02

PADI Rescue Diver

The PADI Rescue Diver class is the most demanding class in the PADI non-TEC – non-professional series of classes. I can confirm that as I did it myself a couple of month ago as a student and it took me a couple of days to recover :-O


I have signed up for the PADI Divemaster course. This is the first step in the professional segment of PADI courses. As part of this I am supporting various training courses in order to understand their procedures and flow better and – one day – will teach myself.

Lake Starnberg - Stress and Rescue 04

Only 4 students and a lovely day

With only 4 students it was a very manageable class and everybody was doing very well! On top the weather was just a fantastic day with a super nice group of people and everybody enjoyed a lovely day under the blue-while Bavarian sky!

Lake Starnberg - Stress and Rescue 03


Getting Wet @ Plansee

Plansee Austria Scuba Diving - Dive Profile 1

Today I was at the Plansee in Austria / Tyrol. Bad news: It was raining. Good news: I was there for scuba diving anyway – so I expected to get wet 🙂


The Plansee in Tyrol / Austria is a beautiful lake located nicely in the Austrian Alps. Even with the not-so-nice weather it looks like a postcard.

Scuba Diving logistics is super easy: Just buy a ticket at the reception of  the “Hotel Florelle” and you are ready to go. Parking is possible close to the entry of the lake.

Visibility: Extremely poor

The visibility under water was extremely poor today. I assume this was due to the heavy rain we had over night.

We have been diving in a group, but only after a few minutes got separated. Just no chance for the group to stay together. But of course my buddy and I managed to stay together so we continued the dive.

Plansee Austria Scuba Diving – Dive Profile 1

Plansee Austria Scuba Diving - Dive Profile 1
Plansee Austria Scuba Diving – Dive Profile 1

Better visibility below 12 meters

Once we where below 12 meters visibility got much better and down at 22 meters it was actually really good. So we enjoyed the dive and after just under 40 minutes surfaced again.

Second dive

The second dive was similarly bad from a visibility standpoint. But we got used to it by that point in time and our group with four divers this time even managed to stay together.

Plansee Austria Scuba Diving – Dive Profile 2

Plansee Austria Scuba Diving - Dive Profile 2
Plansee Austria Scuba Diving – Dive Profile 2

My verdict

A wonderful lake for scuba diving. Simple logistics and diving possible for all skill levels. Visibility should be better when its not raining so heavily before. Thanks to DCP for the great preparation and guiding.

I will be back!

More details about the lake – check out wikipedia.

Scuba diving – Blindsee


Blindsee – pretty cool diving! The Blindsee is located in Austria – about 1,5h by car from Munich. Depending how fast you can or want to drive on the nice German Autobahn: A95 😉

Awesome place in the mountains

The lake is located right next to the Fernpass in an amazing environment. The Alps are all around you and the lake is right there, clear blue – green water, just waiting to be discovered! We have been diving in the most northern part of the lake.

Blindsee Scuba Diving
Blindsee Scuba Diving

Underwater XXL Mikado

In one area of the Blindsee you can find a lot if trees – under water. At one point in time an avalanche has drowned quite a lot of mud and trees – this now looks like an underwater XXL mikado.

Blindsee Underwater Photography:

That was great fun!

Thanks to Tobi and the DCP Team for organizing this trip – was great fun!

Andreas at Blindsee
Andreas at Blindsee in Austria



Bare X-Mission drysuit – first dive

Bare X-Mission Drysuit

Yesterday I finally received my new drysuit: Bare X-Mission. And of course I had to give it a test-run today!

Test Dive in Friedberger See

Friedberger See close to Augsburg was the perfect place for the test dive: Only 35 mins by car from where I live and a relatively shallow lake with maximum of around 12 meters depth. So ideal for a nice and easy test dive.

Bare X-Mission – love it!

OK – long story short: I love the Bare X-Mission! Initially I wanted to buy the Waterproof D9X BREATHABLE which I liked because its so super light weight. But I was not happy with the fit. L a little bit too small and XL much to big. So I had to look for another brand.

I ended up with the Bare X-Mission and I am super happy with it: Its clearly a notch up in terms of build quality, material, features and price – but absolutely worth it.

Cant wait for the next dive!! 🙂

Deep Diver

Deep Diver

Today I did the Deep Diver Specialty Course. Did three fantastic dives in Lake Starnberg in Germany up to 40 meters / 130 feet deep.

While I have been diving in these depths (and deeper) already before it was the first time for me to do that in a local German lake like Lake Starnberg. And this comes with some special environmental factors:

Practically almost a Night Dive

Diving 40 meters deep here means practically doing a night dive as its quite dark down there. So its mandatory to carry a lamp plus a backup lamp.

Today also the visibility in the more shallow areas was pretty poor. So good navigation skills with a compass are helpful 🙂

Low Temperature

Water temperature drops to about 5 degree celsius even in summer at that depth. This means you have to have cold water ready gear – especially your first and second stage need to be certified for cold water. I am diving with Apeks MTX-R.

I am also diving in a drysuit in order to keep my body warm.

Amazing Experience

While the overall environmental factors sound challenging its actually an amazing experience to dive that deep. The darkness and the underwater landscape just look completely unreal – this is what an astronaut must feel hovering over a foreign planet!

Scuba Diving Gozo

Vather’s Day Scuba Diving

Lake D-Loch Entry

Lake D-Loch

Lake D-Loch
The Lake D-Loch in Memmingen, Germany

is a very nice place to dive! The owner has really taken good care of the place and it has actually a bit of “German GemĂźtlichkeit” – only garden gnomes are missing! 🙂


German GemĂźtlichkeit at Lake D-Loch
The owner of lake D-Loch takes good care of the place

So an ideal place to go scuba diving on Vather’s Day! Especially as there is also a nice grill area.

Great Scuba Diving

The lake at this time of the year is only is about 5 meters deep. Later in June and July the depth increases to 10 or more meters as groundwater will feed the lake. This water basically is melted snow from the nearby mountains.

Nevertheless its a lot of fun to dive here. You will find a beer-table under water with bottles, a sunken small boat and a lot of sturgeons hanging around.

Semi-dry diving suit

Unfortunately my dry suit had a hole in one of the cuffs so the 2nd dive was not as “dry” as I wanted it to be.

Short 2nd dive
Short 2nd dive after my drysuit flooded

And it was not as warm as I wanted it to be! 😉 After 15 mins I gave up and enjoyed the nice, warm day on the surface!

So taking it easy – on Vather’s Day!

Scuba diving Echinger Weiher

Echinger Weiher

Echinger Weiher for diving

The Echinger Weiher lake is located north of Munich. Its a small lake that is not very deep – maximum 9 meters. So very easy diving also for beginners. The under water world looks amazing  as there are multiple areas with “white fog”: Some kind of fermentation gas and liquids building a white substance that makes the ground of the lake look like a planet right out of  a science fiction movie.


Very much aligned to that look and feel you also find an …. Alien under water: An alien statue that somebody put there – nicely decorated with a regulator! 🙂 Fits nicely into this unreal underwater world!

Need to bring my camera next time, but you will find lots of pictures using the search engine of your choice.

Find more info about the lake here (in German):

2 Dives

I did 2 dives today. All  was organized by my favorite dive center DCP Dive Center Paradise and was very smooth thanks to the wonderful guide Katja!

Andreas Timm in Wetsuit
Andreas Timm in Scuba Diving Wetsuit at the Echinger Weiher.

New Gear Tested

I tested two new pieces of gear during these dives: SCUBAPRO – Jet Fins and  the Waterproof Meshtec undergarmet. Both worked amazingly well for me and I will write a post about these soon.

Dives on Movescount:

You can find my dives on Suunto’s online platform: 



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