Dry Suit and Rescue Diver Certification Card

I have finally received my Dry Suit and Rescue Diver Certification Cards. I did the respective training classes already a couple of weeks ago, so its great to finally hold the precious cards in my hands! 🙂

Speciality Diver – Dry Suit Diver

I did this PADI class on 5th of March earlier this year when the water temperature was just around 5 degrees celsius. So the value proposition of using a dry suit was very clear immediately! 🙂

First time in a dry suit

So far I was a pure vacation-30-degree-celsius-neoprene-diver. No diving with dry suits and no regular diving in local lakes at all.

So the first time in a dry suit was… well interesting: Everything is a little bit tighter, movements a bit more difficult plus you have to manage an additional buoyancy device: The dry suit on top of your wing or jacket.

But once I managed this “new device” that keeps you warm and comfortable even in cold water it was great to know that now I can extend my diving season basically to the full year! 🙂

Rescue Diver

One of the most intense classes you can do in the non-professional / non-TEC portfolio of PADI certifications. Its basically a three-day class with one day of theory, one day in the pool and the final third day in open water.

Your learn how to recognize and manage emergency situations. E.g. how to get a panicking diver out of the water.

I would absolutely recommend this class to every diver and it would be good if PADI would define a short (lets say one day) refresh class – so that people who did the full class before can get an efficient refresh.

Whats next

I already did more speciality classes since I did the “Rescue Diver” – including “Nitrox Diver”, “Equipment Specialist” and “Night Diver”. You can ready about my night dive here.

This is part of my personal roadmap to become “Master Scuba Diver” first and then get on the pro track becoming “Divemaster“.

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