Night Dive

Scuba diving in the dark

On the last weekend of April 2017 I did my PADI Night Dive Class. This was very exciting as it required to do 3 night dives.

I like Night Dives

This was not the first time I did a night dive. I have done maybe 10 or 12 before, but these where all in nice warm waters like Red Sea or Indian Ocean. So a bit warmer compared to what you get when you jump into a lake in Germany end of April…

Cold local lake with drysuit

So these dives took place in one of the local lakes in the Munich area (Friedberger See). Temperature has been clearly below 10 degree celsius. But my Waterproof drysuit kept me warm and comfortable.

3 dives

In total we did 3 dives – the last one was just after midnight. What a nice scenery this was: Clear sky with moon and stars and you go for a dive! 🙂

All dives went nice and smooth and I earned my official PADI Night Dive certification card!! 🙂

Check out the dive profile on Movescout:

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