Year: 2017

  • Tesla Roadtrip to Texel

    Tesla Roadtrip to Texel

    Did the first long roadtrip with my new Tesla. I was not sure how and if the charging would work on this 1000km trip to Texel. But it was just seamless. Tesla did a great job with their charging network and the seamless integration into the car!

  • Autumn 2017

    Autumn 2017

    Just almost every year I have to photograph the colors of Autumn.

  • Scuba diving Lake Blindsee Austria

    Scuba diving Lake Blindsee Austria

    Lake Blindsee is located in Austria. It is a beautiful lake located between mountains. Its great for scuba diving as the water is very clear. Spectecular is the norther area of the lake as some trees have fallen into the water some time ago and they are still nicely visible, looking like huge Mikado sticks.

  • Gozo island scuba diving 2017

    Gozo island scuba diving 2017

    Gozo is known for its excellent scuba diving opportunities, with a number of dive sites located around the island. The island is home to a number of shipwrecks, including the MV Karwela and the Rozi, which are popular dive sites for both beginners and experienced divers. Gozo is also home to a number of beautiful…

  • Maldives 2017

    Maldives 2017

    The Maldives is my most popular destination for scuba diving, with a number of dive sites located around the country. The Maldives is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs, which are home to a wide variety of marine life, including colorful fish, dolphins, sharks, and manta rays. Divers in the…

  • Lake Ammersee

    Lake Ammersee

    Lake Ammersee is a large lake located in the state of Bavaria in southern Germany. It is the fourth largest lake in Bavaria and is situated in the region known as Upper Bavaria, about 50 kilometers west of Munich. The lake has a surface area of approximately 47 square kilometers and is up to 11…