Run-Bike to Kindergarten

Super nice morning run. Joined by my 6-year-old on this team exercise:

Run-Bike to Kindergarten! 🙂

And yes – so far I am still the one that is running and he is on the bike 🙂

Check it out Strava:

Scuba diving – Blindsee


Blindsee – pretty cool diving! The Blindsee is located in Austria – about 1,5h by car from Munich. Depending how fast you can or want to drive on the nice German Autobahn: A95 😉

Awesome place in the mountains

The lake is located right next to the Fernpass in an amazing environment. The Alps are all around you and the lake is right there, clear blue – green water, just waiting to be discovered! We have been diving in the most northern part of the lake.

Blindsee Scuba Diving
Blindsee Scuba Diving

Underwater XXL Mikado

In one area of the Blindsee you can find a lot if trees – under water. At one point in time an avalanche has drowned quite a lot of mud and trees – this now looks like an underwater XXL mikado.

Blindsee Underwater Photography:

That was great fun!

Thanks to Tobi and the DCP Team for organizing this trip – was great fun!

Andreas at Blindsee
Andreas at Blindsee in Austria



First Run with my Garmin Fenix 5x

First Run with my Garmin Fenix 5x

Just did the first run with my new Garmin Fenix 5x. I upgraded from the Fenix 3 – so the one without integrated HR sensor.

A surprise

I was a bit surprised that the new watch did not make me any faster. Damn – so still training required even with this awesome device 😉

Fenix 5x vs. my old Fenix 3 – what I like

  • Has integrated HR sensor
  • Better resolution display
  • Integrated Maps
  • Easily changeable wrist bands

Fenix 5x vs. my old Fenix 3 – where I expected more

  • Still very bulky – not exactly an elegant sports watch
  • Map loading can be a bit slow
  • Price

The verdict

I like the Garmin Fenix 5x. And coming from the Fenix 3 (without HR sensor) for me it was worth the upgrade as I travel a lot and now I don’t need to remember to also bring the HR chest strap.

My run on Strava:

Bare X-Mission drysuit – first dive

Bare X-Mission Drysuit

Yesterday I finally received my new drysuit: Bare X-Mission. And of course I had to give it a test-run today!

Test Dive in Friedberger See

Friedberger See close to Augsburg was the perfect place for the test dive: Only 35 mins by car from where I live and a relatively shallow lake with maximum of around 12 meters depth. So ideal for a nice and easy test dive.

Bare X-Mission – love it!

OK – long story short: I love the Bare X-Mission! Initially I wanted to buy the Waterproof D9X BREATHABLE which I liked because its so super light weight. But I was not happy with the fit. L a little bit too small and XL much to big. So I had to look for another brand.

I ended up with the Bare X-Mission and I am super happy with it: Its clearly a notch up in terms of build quality, material, features and price – but absolutely worth it.

Cant wait for the next dive!! 🙂

Deep Diver

Deep Diver

Today I did the Deep Diver Specialty Course. Did three fantastic dives in Lake Starnberg in Germany up to 40 meters / 130 feet deep.

While I have been diving in these depths (and deeper) already before it was the first time for me to do that in a local German lake like Lake Starnberg. And this comes with some special environmental factors:

Practically almost a Night Dive

Diving 40 meters deep here means practically doing a night dive as its quite dark down there. So its mandatory to carry a lamp plus a backup lamp.

Today also the visibility in the more shallow areas was pretty poor. So good navigation skills with a compass are helpful 🙂

Low Temperature

Water temperature drops to about 5 degree celsius even in summer at that depth. This means you have to have cold water ready gear – especially your first and second stage need to be certified for cold water. I am diving with Apeks MTX-R.

I am also diving in a drysuit in order to keep my body warm.

Amazing Experience

While the overall environmental factors sound challenging its actually an amazing experience to dive that deep. The darkness and the underwater landscape just look completely unreal – this is what an astronaut must feel hovering over a foreign planet!