Isar Walk

Took a nice walk along the Isar River in Munich.

The Isar is a river in Bavaria, Germany. It originates in the Karwendel range of the Alps, and flows for a distance of around 85 miles before emptying into the Danube River. The Isar is an important water source for the region and is used for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and as a recreational resource for activities such as swimming and fishing.

The city of Munich is located on the banks of the Isar, and the river is a popular spot for residents and visitors to enjoy during the summer months, with many beaches and beer gardens along its banks. The river is also home to several hydroelectric power plants and is an important source of clean energy for the region.

On the upper Isar, hiking and climbing are popular, on the middle and lower Isar river is also suitable for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. The Isar bike path, running parallel to the river, it is a very popular route for cycling and inline skating.



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