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Andreas Timm Outdoor Selfie
Andreas Timm Outdoor Selfie

I guess given the myriads of social media platforms we have at the end of 2020 it is probably old-school to start a personal blog. Maybe even more oldschool than posting something on Facebook! 🙂

Still this is what I do here. The blog will be strictly personal and I will talk about my hobbies and interests. So expect posts about Photography, Guitar, Sports and Travel. Well… travel not so much right now as we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

Should you be interested to get in touch with me about business – please come and find me here: Andreas Timm on LinkedIn

May Familie is important. Still I will not share anything about theme here. They should own their own „Social Media Strategy“. If you want get in touch with them – you know where to find them!

Now… happy reading!


Andreas Timm

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