Playing guitar – how I started

Fender Telecaster Guitar
A Fender Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde

I always enjoyed guitar music. Learning to play this great instrument was always in my mind. But it was also very clear to me that the guitar is one of the more complex instruments. To learn playing guitar would require a significant ammount of time and focus.

Setting priorities

Given I have many other priorities in life with family, a demanding job and other time consuming hobbies making music and learning a complex instrument like the guitar simply did not get high enough in my priority list. And to do this just half-hearted is not my thing. So years passed by until…

Covid-19 happened

The global pandemic practically stopped all my business travel and a lot of my personal/vacation travel. I even did not have to commute to work anymore as I am lucky enough to be able to work from home. Additionally other personal interests like photography or scuba-diving that I enjoy during vacation have stopped as well due to the travel limitations.

Possibility thinking

As challenging as the situation was (and still is) I always see the opportunities that open up: All in all I suddenly had more time available and when we decided to buy a guitar for our 9-year old as a birthday present I just ordered one for myself as well and finally started to learn playing guitar. This was in March 2020

Online Guitar learning

Due to the pandemic but also for efficiency reasons it was clear that I would learn the guitar using only online teachers. Cutting a long story short I am using two main sources that I can fully recommend:

Justin Guitar

Justin Sandercoe is hands down the best guitar teacher on Youtube – period. I like his emphathic style of teaching. While the main content is actually free I by now have purchased almost everything Justin offers, just to support this great teacher.

Check his website here: Justin Guitar.

Fender Play

The guitar company Fender is running Fender Play. This is very professionally made. Well structured content is available on basically all platforms: Smartphone, Tablet and Web. The cloud / any device approach makes it easy to start a class on your smartphone and simply continue on a big screen browser later. It’s seamless.

Check out Fender Play here: Fender Play.

Other Options

There are many more options online to learn to play guitar, but I recommend you pick one or two sources max and stick to it. Its important you make your learning somewhat consistent and structured. Especially as a beginner you want to build a solid foundation.

My guitar journey will continue

I am now only 9 month into playing guitar, but the more I practice the more this world opens up to me. It is a fantastic journey that I will for sure continue beyond the pandemic.

Happy playing!

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