Italy and Venice 2021

We did a trip to Italy including Venice. This was right after the Covid-19 pandemic so the streets of Venice where super empty!

Venice is a city located in northeastern Italy, and is known for its beautiful canals, historic buildings, and art museums. It is often referred to as the “City of Canals,” and is a popular tourist destination for its unique architecture and romantic atmosphere.

Venice is built on a group of 118 small islands connected by a network of canals and bridges. It is known for its colorful houses and gondolas, which are traditional Venetian boats used for transportation. The city is also home to the iconic St. Mark’s Basilica, a beautiful cathedral with gold-covered domes and mosaics.

Italy and Venice are both rich in history and culture, and offer a wealth of experiences for travelers, including delicious cuisine, world-class museums, and stunning natural beauty.




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