We started a cruise here in Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven is a port city in the German state of Bremen, located on the mouth of the River Weser on the North Sea coast. It is the second largest port city in Germany and the largest port in the state of Bremen. The city was officially founded in 1827 to provide a port for the city of Bremen, which is located about 60 kilometers to the east and is landlocked.

Bremerhaven has long been an important hub for international trade and commerce, and it continues to be a major center for the handling of cargo, including containers, cars, and bulk goods. It is also an important fishing port and a center for shipbuilding and repairs. The city has a long maritime history, and several museums and exhibitions are dedicated to this history and theme, including the German Maritime Museum and the Climate House, which provide a fascinating look into the city’s past and present. There are also several interesting attractions such as the River Weser promenade, the local zoo, and the Atlantic Hotel Sail, it’s a hotel shaped like a ship.



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