Scuba Diver with lamp

Scuba Diving Gear Test

Today I tested my new scuba diving gear diving with by 11 year old son in an indoor diving center.

Especially I wanted to test my new drysuit, a BARE X-Mission Evolution to see if everything is dry and all the valves work. I did not test the pee valve in the indoor dive center 😉

Also did try the Apple Watch Ultra with the Oceanic+ App.

Apple watch ultra as dive computer
Apple watch ultra as dive computer

It worked OK, but there things were annoying / strange:

1. We came close to the surface a few times during the dive. The Oceanic+ App registered this as the end of the dive every time. My Suunto did not do that.

2. During a break I set the watch to dive mode manually and could not exit anymore. Needed to reset the watch.

3. The Watch and the App did not automatically sync right after the dive when I opened the app on the phone. I had to press the “sync” button. Even the not so amazing Suunto App just syncs automatically

Obviously I did not hit the 40m limit of the Oceanic+ App in this indoor dive center 🙂

Overall we had great fun today!






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