Friesland, Netherlands

In May 2024 we spend 10 Days in Friesland Netherlands. With a rented yacht we explored the wonderful water channels and beautiful small cities in the area.

Friesland, known as Fryslân in Frisian, is a unique province in the northern Netherlands celebrated for its distinct cultural identity and language. The region features picturesque landscapes, including vast lakes, canals, and coastal areas along the Wadden Sea, along with popular islands like Ameland and Terschelling. Friesland is officially bilingual, with Frisian and Dutch both spoken widely. Its capital, Leeuwarden, is a cultural hub, renowned for its historic architecture and vibrant arts scene.

The province has a rich history of seafaring and trading, with a legacy of independence and resistance to external control. Modern Friesland boasts a diverse economy, with strong agricultural roots, particularly in dairy farming, and a thriving tourism sector. Water sports, sailing, and the famed Elfstedentocht ice skating marathon highlight its recreational offerings. Friesland’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its extensive use of renewable energy, reflecting its blend of tradition and innovation.






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