I am Andreas Timm. I am a Family Man, Technology Aficianado, Photographer, Guitarist, Scuba Diver, Cyclist and European Global Citizen.

This Blog

This is my personal blog where I mainly share my photography work. I might cover some of my other interests like scuba diving, music or sports here and there. It is not meant to be a complete journal of every single day or week, but I plan to share something once a month at least.

I have restarted this blog in December 2022, but will try to re-publish older articles that I saved from previous versions of this blog.

Family Man

My family is very important to me. We have a lot common interests in the family and spending quality time together is a top priority for me.

One note: I enjoy taking photos of my family. Nevertheless I decided not to share too many personal family photos here. This is just to respect our privacy and leave it to the family members to decide what to share or not to share.


I am interested in various genres of photography, but as you can also see from my blog focus has changed over the years. Recently I became more interested in Street Photography and I rediscovered my passion for analog photography. I have also changed my tools: Switched from modern mirrorless cameras to rangefinder with manual focus. Is this more efficient? No! Is it fun? Yes!

Technology Aficianado

I guess everybody that set’s up his/her own WordPress blog instead of simply posting to Facebook must be a technology aficionado or geek :-). But also in my day job I deal with technology a lot as I work in the IT industry.


I always like to learn and grow. Learning to play guitar was always on my bucket list, but with a family, a demanding job and already existing, time consuming hobbies I never prioritized this as I knew it would be very time intensive.

Then the global Covid-19 pandemic hit us. Most of my personal and business travel was paused. This was the opportunity: I bought a guitar and now I can play! Well a little bit… but I am continuing to practice also after Covid and enjoy jamming with my son who is a great drummer.

Scuba Diver

Scuba diving was always a great passion of my wife and I. Now even our son is a certified Open Water Diver, so the whole family is scuba diving! This is an amazing activity as I can combine it with other passions like traveling and photography. And the whole family is into it – perfect!!!


I love to do mountain biking and also to ride my street bike. Its a great way to stay fit while its less stressful for the body compared to running. Recently my focus was on mountain biking as it can performed by the whole family and we can align it with our travel.

European Global Citizen

I am convinced we have to have a global perspective in order to address the challenges that we are facing as a society and humanity. The global perspective is critical as the biggest challenges we are facing are more and more global challenges. While I believe in having a regional identity we must have a global mindset in order for us to succeed.