Light rain – light ride

Light rain - light ride

Nice and easy Sunday morning recovery ride in light rain. I love the Sunday morning rides when the streets are still quite empty.

Also the rain was very welcome as it was really hot the last couple of days.

Scuba Diving Gozo

Munich Outback Ride

Munich Outback Ride

Cruising around in the Munich Outback. Pretty smooth ride apart from the one idiot overtaking me in his car with maybe 2 cm distance…

Running in Xaghra

Running in Xaghra

Morning run the hils of Xaghra going either up or down all the time – no flat roads here it seems…

Also quite some interesting encounters with cats, dogs and… sheep 🙂


50k Ride

Rose Xeon Disc Brake

Getting slowly back into cycling mode. Nice 50k ride today. Of course still missing the speed of last year – but it know it will come back. Just requires a bit more work… 😉

Now on to BBQ! 🙂

Quick check ride on a sunny day

Hang loose

Have not been cycling for a while so it was good to get my bike out on the road again for a quick check ride!


Was a nice ride with awesome weather in my “backyard” in the Munich outback. Check it out on Strava:


Vather’s Day Scuba Diving

Lake D-Loch Entry

Lake D-Loch

Lake D-Loch
The Lake D-Loch in Memmingen, Germany

is a very nice place to dive! The owner has really taken good care of the place and it has actually a bit of “German Gemütlichkeit” – only garden gnomes are missing! 🙂


German Gemütlichkeit at Lake D-Loch
The owner of lake D-Loch takes good care of the place

So an ideal place to go scuba diving on Vather’s Day! Especially as there is also a nice grill area.

Great Scuba Diving

The lake at this time of the year is only is about 5 meters deep. Later in June and July the depth increases to 10 or more meters as groundwater will feed the lake. This water basically is melted snow from the nearby mountains.

Nevertheless its a lot of fun to dive here. You will find a beer-table under water with bottles, a sunken small boat and a lot of sturgeons hanging around.

Semi-dry diving suit

Unfortunately my dry suit had a hole in one of the cuffs so the 2nd dive was not as “dry” as I wanted it to be.

Short 2nd dive
Short 2nd dive after my drysuit flooded

And it was not as warm as I wanted it to be! 😉 After 15 mins I gave up and enjoyed the nice, warm day on the surface!

So taking it easy – on Vather’s Day!