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  • Walk with Noctilux

    Walk with Noctilux

    I have tested my Noctilux-M 1:1,2/50 ASPH. here with some landscape photos. I absolutely love the dreamy look of this lens. It is for sure not something to use for everything and every day. Technically it is actually not at all a good lens, but I just love this super vintage look! 🙂

  • Leica MP

    Leica MP

    I am so excited as I decided to start with analog photography again! I purchased a real analog camera for that: A Leica MP. The Leica MP is a rangefinder camera that was first released in 2003. It is a film camera, meaning that it uses physical film rolls to capture images, rather than a…

  • Shooting with a rangefinder camera

    Shooting with a rangefinder camera

    I have received my new Leica and need to play with it! I have never been shooting with a rangefinder camera before. It’s a steep learning curve but I enjoy it! Rangefinder cameras are a type of camera that use a rangefinder mechanism to measure the distance between the camera and the subject. This allows…

  • Lens Porn: Canon EF 50mm f1.2L USM

    Lens Porn: Canon EF 50mm f1.2L USM

    This is an amazing lens. Not at all perfect, but with a lot of character!