Category: Nature

  • October Day

    October Day

    Took a walk on this wonderful October day. You could see how nature got ready for the winter time. I love the change in color of the leaves on deciduous trees. As the days get shorter and the sunlight becomes less direct, the chlorophyll in the leaves begins to break down, revealing the other pigments […]

  • Texel Island

    Texel Island

    We have been to Texel again. Its one of my favorite places ever! Texel is an island located in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. It is the largest of the West Frisian Islands, and it is located in the Wadden Sea, an area of shallow seas that stretches along […]

  • North Sea

    North Sea

    The North Sea landscape is beautiful for a variety of reasons. One reason is its natural beauty, which is characterized by wide sandy beaches, rolling dunes, and picturesque villages and towns. The North Sea also has a rich and varied history, with many interesting cultural and historical sites to explore. Another reason the North Sea […]

  • Garden Macro

    Garden Macro

    Did some quick shots in the garden and captured this busy bee. Bees are important to ecosystems and agriculture because they help to spread pollen from one plant to another, which is necessary for the reproduction of many plants. There are many different species of bees, and they are found all over the world. Bees […]

  • Gibraltar


    Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, near the coast of Spain. It is bordered by Spain to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, east and west. The territory has an area of 6.8 square kilometers and is home to a population of around […]

  • Autumn Colors 2019

    Autumn Colors 2019

    As always I love to capture the colors of Autumn. The bright, warm hues of red, orange, and yellow are visually striking and add a sense of vibrancy to the landscape. The changing colors of the leaves to me are a symbol of the changing seasons and the natural cycle of life, which is inspiring. […]

  • Isar Walk

    Isar Walk

    Took a nice walk along the Isar River in Munich. The Isar is a river in Bavaria, Germany. It originates in the Karwendel range of the Alps, and flows for a distance of around 85 miles before emptying into the Danube River. The Isar is an important water source for the region and is used […]

  • Autumn 2017

    Autumn 2017

    Just almost every year I have to photograph the colors of Autumn.

  • Lake Ammersee

    Lake Ammersee

    Lake Ammersee is a large lake located in the state of Bavaria in southern Germany. It is the fourth largest lake in Bavaria and is situated in the region known as Upper Bavaria, about 50 kilometers west of Munich. The lake has a surface area of approximately 47 square kilometers and is up to 11 […]

  • Texel 2016

    Texel 2016

    Did wonderful family vacation on this great island. Texel is an island located in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It is the largest and most populous island of the West Frisian Islands and it is situated in the Wadden Sea. Texel is a popular tourist destination, known for its natural beauty, including […]