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  • Porsche Museum Stuttgart

    Porsche Museum Stuttgart

    Today we did a roadtrip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. A great father & son day checking out the cars of this legendary brand. The Porsche Museum is a car museum located in Stuttgart, Germany dedicated to showcasing the history and vehicles of Porsche AG. It was opened in 2009 and features over 90…

  • Bremerhaven


    We started a cruise here in Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven is a port city in the German state of Bremen, located on the mouth of the River Weser on the North Sea coast. It is the second largest port city in Germany and the largest port in the state of Bremen. The city was officially founded in…

  • Tesla Roadtrip to Texel

    Tesla Roadtrip to Texel

    Did the first long roadtrip with my new Tesla. I was not sure how and if the charging would work on this 1000km trip to Texel. But it was just seamless. Tesla did a great job with their charging network and the seamless integration into the car!

  • Orlando Kennedy Space Center

    Orlando Kennedy Space Center

  • Porsche Boxster S

    Porsche Boxster S

    The Porsche Boxster S is an amazing car. Very lightweight and with a middle motor the driving experience is amazing!. On a track its often faster than its bigger brother the 911.