First Run with my Garmin Fenix 5x

Just did the first run with my new Garmin Fenix 5x. I upgraded from the Fenix 3 – so the one without integrated HR sensor.

A surprise

I was a bit surprised that the new watch did not make me any faster. Damn – so still training required even with this awesome device 😉

Fenix 5x vs. my old Fenix 3 – what I like

  • Has integrated HR sensor
  • Better resolution display
  • Integrated Maps
  • Easily changeable wrist bands

Fenix 5x vs. my old Fenix 3 – where I expected more

  • Still very bulky – not exactly an elegant sports watch
  • Map loading can be a bit slow
  • Price

The verdict

I like the Garmin Fenix 5x. And coming from the Fenix 3 (without HR sensor) for me it was worth the upgrade as I travel a lot and now I don’t need to remember to also bring the HR chest strap.

My run on Strava:

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