Bare X-Mission drysuit – first dive

Yesterday I finally received my new drysuit: Bare X-Mission. And of course I had to give it a test-run today!

Test Dive in Friedberger See

Friedberger See close to Augsburg was the perfect place for the test dive: Only 35 mins by car from where I live and a relatively shallow lake with maximum of around 12 meters depth. So ideal for a nice and easy test dive.

Bare X-Mission – love it!

OK – long story short: I love the Bare X-Mission! Initially I wanted to buy the Waterproof D9X BREATHABLE which I liked because its so super light weight. But I was not happy with the fit. L a little bit too small and XL much to big. So I had to look for another brand.

I ended up with the Bare X-Mission and I am super happy with it: Its clearly a notch up in terms of build quality, material, features and price – but absolutely worth it.

Cant wait for the next dive!! 🙂

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