Deep Diver

Today I did the Deep Diver Specialty Course. Did three fantastic dives in Lake Starnberg in Germany up to 40 meters / 130 feet deep.

While I have been diving in these depths (and deeper) already before it was the first time for me to do that in a local German lake like Lake Starnberg. And this comes with some special environmental factors:

Practically almost a Night Dive

Diving 40 meters deep here means practically doing a night dive as its quite dark down there. So its mandatory to carry a lamp plus a backup lamp.

Today also the visibility in the more shallow areas was pretty poor. So good navigation skills with a compass are helpful 🙂

Low Temperature

Water temperature drops to about 5 degree celsius even in summer at that depth. This means you have to have cold water ready gear – especially your first and second stage need to be certified for cold water. I am diving with Apeks MTX-R.

I am also diving in a drysuit in order to keep my body warm.

Amazing Experience

While the overall environmental factors sound challenging its actually an amazing experience to dive that deep. The darkness and the underwater landscape just look completely unreal – this is what an astronaut must feel hovering over a foreign planet!

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