Scuba diving Echinger Weiher

Echinger Weiher for diving

The Echinger Weiher lake is located north of Munich. Its a small lake that is not very deep – maximum 9 meters. So very easy diving also for beginners. The under water world looks amazing  as there are multiple areas with “white fog”: Some kind of fermentation gas and liquids building a white substance that makes the ground of the lake look like a planet right out of  a science fiction movie.


Very much aligned to that look and feel you also find an …. Alien under water: An alien statue that somebody put there – nicely decorated with a regulator! 🙂 Fits nicely into this unreal underwater world!

Need to bring my camera next time, but you will find lots of pictures using the search engine of your choice.

Find more info about the lake here (in German):

2 Dives

I did 2 dives today. All  was organized by my favorite dive center DCP Dive Center Paradise and was very smooth thanks to the wonderful guide Katja!

Andreas Timm in Wetsuit
Andreas Timm in Scuba Diving Wetsuit at the Echinger Weiher.

New Gear Tested

I tested two new pieces of gear during these dives: SCUBAPRO – Jet Fins and  the Waterproof Meshtec undergarmet. Both worked amazingly well for me and I will write a post about these soon.

Dives on Movescount:

You can find my dives on Suunto’s online platform: 



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