Scuba Diving Gozo


I just came back last week from a two-week trip to Gozo, Malta. And I enjoyed it a lot:

Gozo and Malta

Gozo is one of three Islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. These three Island together are the Republic of Malta – a small European State, south of Italy.

History of Malta

Due to the strategic location of Malta it has quite a moved history and many different nations have ruled Malta – including Romans, Spanish and British. So Malta today offers a lot to explore with many historic places and buildings to be explored. But this time we mostly spent our time under water with Scuba Diving 🙂

Scuba Diving Gozo

Just to be clear: If you want to see fish – better go to the Indian Ocean e.g. Maldives. If you want to see nice colorful corals: Go and dive in the Red Sea. But if you like caves, pretty cool underwater structures and wrecks: Malta and Gozo might be the place for you.

Blue Dome Mirror
Blue Dome – surface mirror and one diver. Malta, June 2017

And of course its quite close and easy to reach from most European countries.

Not for the beginner

Many of the dives in Malta will be done from land. And the entry and exit into/from the water can sometimes be a bit tricky. So I would recommend diving there more for the experienced diver and people that at least have a basic level of physical fitness.

We have been diving at many of the great dive sites: P31 Shipwreck, Blue Hole, Azure Window (yes the Azure Window has crashed unfortunately…. but underwater its even better now!) and more.

Some photos of our dives in Gozo, Malta:


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