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  • Oslo


    Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway. It is located in the southeastern part of the country, on the southern shore of the Oslo Fjord. With a population of over 697,000, the city is the economic and cultural center of Norway. Oslo is known for its museums, including the Munch Museum, which […]

  • Alesund


    Ålesund is a town and municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal, in western Norway. It is located on several islands at the entrance of the Ålesund Fjord and is an important port town and a center for the fishing industry. The town is also known for its Art Nouveau architecture and it was […]

  • Geirangerfjord


    We did a helicopter tour at the Geirangerfjord – amazing!! The Geirangerfjord is a fjord located in the western part of Norway, in the county of Møre og Romsdal. It is considered one of the most beautiful and popular fjords in Norway, and it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005. The […]

  • Olden (Innvikfjord)

    Olden (Innvikfjord)

    Innvikfjord is a branch of the Nordfjord, which is located in the western part of Norway. It is a narrow, winding fjord that is surrounded by towering mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. The fjord is relatively inaccessible by car and is best explored by boat. The village of Olden is located at the end of the […]

  • Bergen


    Bergen is a city and municipality in western Norway, located in the county of Hordaland on the west coast of Norway. Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway, with a population of around 300,000 people. It is known as the “Gateway to the Fjords,” as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, fjords and islands. Bergen […]

  • Stavanger


    Stavanger is a city in southwestern Norway, located on the Stavanger Peninsula in the county of Rogaland. It is the fourth-largest city in Norway, with a population of around 130,000 people. Stavanger is known as a center for the oil and gas industry, and it is also a major center for offshore petroleum production. The […]