I am a family man, photographer, cyclist, scuba diver and generally  a true technology aficionado.

My interest and passion is genuinely around how technology innovation can create amazing value for us as human beings and make our lives better, easier, healthier and more fun! 🙂

Andreas Grand Canyon
Helicopter Ride Grand Canyon

I work as a manager for a leading global technology company, but this blog  represents only my personal experiences and opinion.

I am married, we have a wonderful son and live in Munich, Germany. And while I am super proud of my family I will not post too much about it here, especially not about my son. My wife and I agreed that our son should own his social media profile  – once he is old enough.

Thanks for visiting my website and feel free to contact me any time.

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Scuba Diving

The quote below articulates best why I am an enthusiastic scuba diver:

“SCUBA diving is sensual. To breathe underwater is one of the most fascinating and peculiar sensations imaginable. Breathing becomes a rhythmic melody of inhalations and exhalations. The cracks and pops of fish and crustaceans harmonize with the rhythmic chiming of the bubbles as you exhale. Soon, lungs act as bellows, controlling your buoyancy as you achieve weightlessness. And, as in your dreams, you are flying. Combine these otherworldly stimuli and you surrender completely to the sanctuary of the underwater world.”

– TEC CLARK, foreword, Scuba Diving



“THE CLOSEST YOU CAN GET TO FLYING” is what Robin Williams said about cycling.

I personally love to take my bike out on the roads of the Munich “outback”. Of course I track all my rides using GPS bike computers and I am happy to connect on Strava: Andreas Timm on Strava.


“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

– Ansel Adams 1902-1984

I started with Photography when I was a student and we actually used rolls of film and stinking chemicals to develop our photos. Yes, these where the “good old times” – but I would never want to go back! 🙂