Playing guitar – how I started

A Fender Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde

I always enjoyed guitar music. Learning to play this great instrument was always in my mind. But it was also very clear to me that the guitar is one of the more complex instruments. To learn playing guitar would require a significant ammount of time and focus. Setting priorities Given I have many other priorities… Continue reading Playing guitar – how I started

Run in Munich

Strava track of my run

Trying to get rid of all the x-mas food calories :-). I am testing a new plugin here on my blog that should automatically show a map and further details of the run I did yesterday. The data is pulled from Strava.

About this blog

Andreas Timm Outdoor Selfie

I guess given the myriads of social media platforms we have at the end of 2020 it is probably old-school to start a personal blog. Maybe even more oldschool than posting something on Facebook! 🙂 Still this is what I do here. The blog will be strictly personal and I will talk about my hobbies… Continue reading About this blog