Scuba diving – Blindsee


Blindsee – pretty cool diving! The Blindsee is located in Austria – about 1,5h by car from Munich. Depending how fast you can or want to drive on the nice German Autobahn: A95 πŸ˜‰

Awesome place in the mountains

The lake is located right next to the Fernpass in an amazing environment. The Alps are all around you and the lake is right there, clear blue – green water, just waiting to be discovered! We have been diving in the most northern part of the lake.

Blindsee Scuba Diving
Blindsee Scuba Diving

Underwater XXL Mikado

In one area of the Blindsee you can find a lot if trees – under water. At one point in time an avalanche has drowned quite a lot of mud and trees – this now looks like an underwater XXL mikado.

Blindsee Underwater Photography:

That was great fun!

Thanks to Tobi and the DCP TeamΒ for organizing this trip – was great fun!

Andreas at Blindsee
Andreas at Blindsee in Austria



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