Maldives Kuramathi

This is one of my favourite places – especially for scubadiving!

The Maldives is a country located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. It is a group of 26 atolls and is the smallest Asian country in terms of land area. The Maldives is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs, which make it a popular destination for scuba diving and other water sports.

Kuramathi Island is one of the Maldives’ largest and most popular tourist destinations. Located in the Rasdhoo Atoll, Kuramathi Island is known for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and stunning natural surroundings. The island is home to a number of hotels, restaurants, and other amenities, and is a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the natural beauty and luxury of the Maldives. Kuramathi Island is also home to a number of marine protected areas, which are home to a variety of marine life, including coral reefs, fish, and other species.



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