Electric Guitars

A few shots of 2 of my electric guitars. Covid-19 lockdowns in place so just shooting what’s around 🙂

Fender and Gibson are two of the most well-known and respected brands in the world of musical instruments, particularly electric and acoustic guitars. Both brands have a long history and a reputation for producing high-quality instruments that are used by professional musicians around the world.

Fender is an American company that was founded in the 1940s by Leo Fender. Fender is known for its electric guitars, including the Stratocaster and the Telecaster, which are popular with musicians in a variety of genres. Fender also produces a range of other instruments, including bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers.

Gibson is another American company that was founded in 1902. Gibson is known for its high-quality electric and acoustic guitars, including the Les Paul and the Hummingbird. Gibson is also known for its mandolins and banjos. Both Fender and Gibson guitars are highly sought after by collectors and musicians due to their quality, craftsmanship, and iconic status.






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